Lexington Fire Department gives July 4th safety tips

The Fourth of July is next week, and lots of people will celebrate with fireworks.

That's why the Lexington Fire Department has a reminder about what you can and can't set off.

Under Kentucky law, many Kentucky counties can sell and use powerful fireworks, but that's not the case in Fayette County.

In the fall of 2012, the Urban County Council made the change.

It revised an ordinance so people can only use small, handheld fireworks.

Only public displays with permits can set off the big fireworks.

"What we like to say if it goes up or blows up, then it's illegal here in Lexington," said Kyle Branham, a Lexington Firefighter. "Those we want to make sure we leave to the professionals."

Branham also says around the Fourth of July

The fire department sees an increase in the number of people injured.

He recommends you never let children use any type of firework and keep a hose or bucket of water close by in case you need to put out a small fire.

Richmond and Versailles both follow the state law so they can sell and use the powerful fireworks.

Also, Georgetown has an ordinance which bans the use of fireworks in the overnight and early morning hours.

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