Lexington Firefighters install smoke alarms for the hearing impaired

Firefighters always urge people to have working smoke detectors in their homes. That ear-splitting screech could be a life-saver, but what about those who can't hear the alarm?

"Many, many people that are handicapped or disabled are going without especially something so important as a smoke detector to wake them up," says Lexington Firefighter Kyle Branham.

On Thursday, firefighters from the Lexington Fire Department gave out free smoke detectors designed for the hearing impaired.

"It's been great. The people are extremely appreciative. It provides them peace of mind if they have an emergency, either carbon monoxide or smoke, it's going to wake during the night," says Firefighter Branham.

The alarms still give off that familiar chirp, but they also have a bright strobe light designed to catch the eye. Janna Freeman says she'll sleep a little easier knowing she's got better protection.

"Without it I wasn't safe, I couldn't hear the smoke alarm. So now I have it and I am very blessed and it makes me feel safe," says Freeman.

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