Crews repair gas leak at Fayette Mall

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Police and Fire crews were busy Saturday afternoon after construction crews struck a gas line at the site of the old Sears auto store at Fayette Mall.

Lexington police asked citizens to avoid traveling near the mall while crews repaired the leak, which happened just before noon.

Traffic remained at a near stand still along Nicholasville and Reynolds Roads as fire officials had to block off all entrances while the repairs were being made and crews determined the extent of the damage.

Fire officials say PNC Bank and Olive Garden in front of the mall were both evacuated as a precaution, though they believe no one was in danger from the fumes.

Crews on scene were blocking entrances to the mall and only allowing customers to leave the scene until the leak was clamped shut.

Crews were able to clamp the small leak just after 2 p.m.

No injuries were reported from the leak.

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