Lexington Police increase patrols in response to string of shootings

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been an alarming string of violence across Lexington. Since June 21, 11 people have been shot in the city. Three of them died.

Jonathan Price was shot and killed outside Austin City Saloon on June 21. The next day, Charles Wright was shot and killed outside his home on Sixth Street. On Monday night, Kieara Green, 18, was shot and killed at home on Scottsdale Circle. Demares Cobb lives just a couple of houses from where Green's murder happened. Another woman was murdered just around the corner from him last year. He's lived there 15 years and says things have changed a lot.

"I was mad. I was actually mad. I hit my hand and said, 'Not again. Not again,'," says Cobb.

Lexington Police say they'll be increasing patrols, especially in areas where there have been shootings. They've also shifted six officers to the robbery/homicide unit from other areas of the police department. They plan to keep up the increased patrols through the holiday weekend.

Cobb says he always keeps tabs on what's happening too.

"Yes I do, like I watched you all. I watched you all go up and down the street. I wave at them, say hello, and everything," says Cobb.

He hopes police spend some time in his neighborhood.

"If they'd just walk around they can see who and what, like I am, I can see what's in place, what's not in place," Cobb says.

Police tell us they don't have many leads right now in any of the cases. Cobb says that makes the neighbors nervous.

"They're trying to find out, why did it happen. We just want to know why it happened and who done it," Cobb says.

While many people in the area say they plan to leave, Cobb isn't ready to give up.

"No, uh uh. I'm not going to move. I can never move. There's no way I can move because if I move, they win. I'm going to stay here. I'm going to stay here," Cobb says. "Pray for my neighborhood. Maybe it'll help, maybe it won't. You never know."

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