Lexington Police increasing patrols, due to Thanksgiving Day deals

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Holiday shoppers won't have to wait until Black Friday to snag a deal.

Several Lexington stores, along with Fayette Mall, will open on Thanksgiving night, and Lexington Police will be part of those crowds. They'll be making sure those shoppers stay safe in some of Lexington's notorious trouble spots.

In terms of traffic, the sheer volume of vehicles on the road near Fayette Mall and the Hamburg shopping area make those more congested than most this time of year. With many stores beginning their holiday sales at 8pm Thanksgiving Day, Lexington Police are having to adjust as well. That means more patrol and traffic officers will be allocated in more concentrated areas, like Nicholasville Road corridor in front of Fayette Mall.

"A lot of our thoroughfares in and around our shopping areas are going to be congested. We're gonna have problems. We're going to have collisions and we're going to have violations. And we're gonna have personnel in place to abate these things," said Lt. J.J. Lombardi with Lexington Police.

When it comes to shoppers' safety while they're in the stores, police say theres a lot that can be done on the shoppers part to keep from becoming a victim of a crime.

"Be also cautious of shoulder surfing as you're checking out or paying for items. Be cautious of writing a check or having a debit card out where somebody could walk up behind you, take an image through a cell phone or video perhaps of your check," says Officer Bige Towery, with Lexington Police.

The increase in patrols begins 8 o' clock Thursday night and runs all the way through the holiday weekend. Lexington Police are also ramping up efforts to catch impaired and reckless drivers from now until the end of the year.

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