Police: Potentially-dangerous Lexington man found in southern Kentucky

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police say a man who could be potentially-dangerous to himself and others has been found in southern Kentucky.

We are told James A. Caldwell, 36, is now at a medical facility in Corbin. Kentucky State Police tell us Caldwell turned himself in to that facility Monday morning. All along police have told us that they believe he has mental health issues.

Lexington Police say that they do not have jurisdiction to pick up Caldwell from the facility, and that it is the responsibility of the Whitley County Sheriff's Office.

Charges of terroristic threatening and stalking have been filed against Caldwell which is why Lexington Police have been searching for him for six days.

This all stems from Lexington Police reporting that Caldwell left a threatening letter at the home of a person he knows. We are told that letter threatened several businesses, some individuals, the general public, and even himself. Police confirmed that several of the businesses mentioned in the letter are in the Hamburg area.

Last Tuesday is when Caldwell was reported missing from his home on Eureka Springs Drive in Lexington.

A few hours later, he visited the Dairy Queen in London where he was caught on surveillance cameras. One of the managers at that restaurant told us they didn't know who Caldwell was until police contacted them.

"As far as I know, he was polite with the employees, and there were no complaints or anything like that," said Michael Bush, who works at that Dairy Queen in London.

We also talked with Caldwell's brother, Neil Caldwell, during the hunt for him. And he told us that he thought it was all blown out of proportion and his brother did nothing wrong.

"I think he's scared. I think he thought he'd just hang out for a little while, and I think now he's realizing that this has blown up way bigger than what it ever should have," said Neil Caldwell, the suspect's brother. "And I just don't understand where all these stories are coming from."

We are working to get more information about what's next for Caldwell and when he will be back in Lexington.

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