New charges for brothers accused in Lexington child porn case

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Police arrested Jerry and Jack Cassidy, 76, last week at their home on Mason-Headley Road.

Lexington Police searched the Cassidy brothers' home twice, once last early Tuesday morning and again on Friday. Monday, WKYT obtained the search warrant detailing some of the evidence in the case. The documents show police found photography equipment with images of naked children, two books with logs of sexual abuse, records of children's personal information including birthdays and poem books about each child.

Jack and Jerry Cassidy have pleaded not guilty to the child porn charges. The child pornography case was waived to the grand jury on Wednesday.

In the days since their arrest, a sexual abuse victim contacted police. Records show the twins admitted in a police interview that they engaged in sexual acts with a child decades ago. Police also interviewed the alleged victim, who told police Jerry Cassidy was hist Boy Scout leader in the 1970s. Police say Jerry Cassidy admitted to performing sexual acts with the child at the time. Jack Cassidy is accused of tying the child up while performing sexual acts with him at their Lexington home. The pair have been booked on new charges in the sexual abuse case and will appear in court on Wednesday afternoon.

The Boy Scouts of America have released a statement on the twins saying these allegations run against everything the organization stands for.

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