Lexington Police: Spike in shootings 'alarming'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington city leaders are calling it an alarming level of violence. In the last ten days, three people have been murdered in the city and many others have been injured in shootings.

On Tuesday, Lexington Police released new surveillance video of a shooting that happened Monday on Georgetown Street.

A man was injured outside a market but survived.

In most of the shootings, police haven't had many clues to go on.
So what do police think has caused this recent spike in shootings and what's being done to stop it?

WKYT’s Jordan Vilines has the story:

The first week and a half of summer has brought with it a cascade of violence, spilling throughout the streets of Lexington at an alarming rate.
"Its summer, sometimes activity increases. Day and night, I have a number of officers and detectives working these cases," said Lt. Brian Maynard with Lexington Police.

Since June 21st, three people have been shot and killed and several others injured, causing the Division of Police to bring in additional resources to help them keep up with this crime wave.

"We have to work and analyze each case separately, figure out which ones are related and then we can lump those together. If they aren't, then we are going to go after them aggressively individually and see where that leads us," Lt. Maynard told us.

No arrests have been made yet in connection with the three deadly shootings and Lexington Police are now pleading with the public to come forward with any additional information.

"The public's help provides us with those tips; we aren't going to do it alone. It's the public who provides us the information and we then actively and aggressively go after that information to see what's legitimate and what isn't."

Lexington Police say each of the shootings seem to be a single incident unrelated to any others.

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