Lexington Police stop robbery before it happens

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A detectives hunch helped stop a Lexington crime before it ever happened.

Lexington police say they arrested Derrius King outside the American Founder's Bank on Walden Drive Thursday.

Police say they investigated King for a week, and they just had a hunch everything would go down Thursday.

Employees at American Founders Bank off Tates Creek Road reported a suspicious man who had been going in and out of the business.

After looking into that man for about a week, police say they stopped him Thursday before he went into the bank.

They tell us they actually prevented a bank robbery from happening when they spotted 25-year-old Derrius King and arrested him on the spot.

Police say King had a gun, latex gloves and a demand note on him at the time of the incident, making it obvious to them what he was planning.

Sgt. Pete Ford of the Lexington Police departments says, "That's what our job is. Our job is to come out and investigate, and we have no problem with doing that and we encourage people to call us if they see something that just does not appear to be correct."

King has been charged with criminal attempt to robbery first along with being a convicted felon in possession of a gun.

King declined an interview with WKYT from jail.

King's bond has been set at nearly $25,000.

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