Lexington Police surround suspected stolen car at intersection

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Three weeks ago a car was reported stolen in Lexington, and Saturday afternoon police finally caught up with the men they say are responsible for the crime.

Nearly a dozen police cars surrounded the allegedly stolen car, and immediately handcuffed four people who were inside of it.

Flashing blue and red lights and the sound of sirens flooded the intersection of Red Mile and Versailles Roads, causing some tense moments for folks living and working nearby.

Meagan Smith works near by. She says people stopped whatever they were doing and stared when the police cars pulled up.

"One cop car came behind the car and turned their lights on, then like seven other cars came and turned their lights on. They had their guns drawn and everything."

Smith watched and recorded everything as it happened. She says this incident was something she certainly doesn't see every day.

"It was wild. I was just taking drive-through orders and then I look outside and there's all these cops and guns and everything.

Police spotted this white Chevy in downtown Lexington earlier today, the exact same Chevy they say was reported stolen on July 27.

Lt. Chris Young of the Lexington Police Department says, "The officers followed the vehicle until they could find a safe location to initiate a traffic stop, and they did so."

Police initially placed handcuffs on all four people inside the vehicle, but after questioning they only ended up carting two off to jail.

Police say Phillip Clayborne and Michael Evans are the individuals now facing charges.

Lt. Young says in cases like these the suspects are typically charged with receiving stolen property.

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