Lexington bar reportedly relocating after complaints from neighbors

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The uneasy relationship between a Lexington bar and the Chevy Chase community may be coming to an end.

For weeks, neighbors and business owners have been trying to shut down the Art Bar on Euclid Avenue or have it close earlier at night.

Our partners at the Herald-Leader are reporting that the owner, Gerald Mack, has decided to relocate the nightclub.

"I think it would be a resolution to the issues at hand, I hope it works out," said Bob Sessum, the president of the Ashland Park Neighborhood Association.

He says week after week, noise, trash, fights and shootings have spilled out of the bar and into the laid-back neighborhood.

"It's like nothing we've experienced in the past," Sessum said.

After two shootings happened outside the nightclub on July 13th and August 3rd, hundreds of people petitioned to close the bar.

According to the Herald-Leader, Mack is relocating, not because of safety concerns but because of what he calls a clash of subcultures.

Mack told the Herald-Leader that the nightclub sometimes has crowds of 250 people or more, saying, “Sometimes idiots do idiotic stuff.”

According to documents obtained by the Herald-Leader, police have been called to the nightclub about 40 times since July 2013.

Mack says he employs 17 security guards during bar events and he calls the police when things go too far, according to the Herald-Leader.

As for where the Art Bar may settle, the Herald-Leader is reporting that Mack is actively seeking a new location.

Sessum said he still has his doubts, “I hope he'll find a place. If it doesn't work out, and I hope that isn't the case, we'll have to continue seeing what we can do to have some restrictions."

WKYT reached out to Mack for comment, but at this time we haven't heard back from him yet.

The Chevy Chase Street Fair, which is Saturday, August 23, is scheduled to last until 10 p.m. Sessum tells WKYT the Art Bar has agreed to wait until 11 p.m. to open that night.

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