Lexington barber school gives second chance in life

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Barber school instructor, Anthony Hayden, is not only teaching how to give the perfect hair cut, he's also sharpening lives. Hayden is the founder of Lexington Academy of Barbering Community Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that helps students pay the $6,000 tuition, who couldn't afford it otherwise.

"Instead of not having a bright future, you have a license you can earn a living," Hayden said.

Students Antonio Mack and Anthony Weathers have a troubled past.

"I used to sell drugs. Carry guns and stuff," said Mack.
"An addict. I was an addict for years. Did my share of guns, drug selling," said Weathers.

This program gives them a second chance at life.

"Without the foundation, I'd probably be doing the stuff I used to do. I had time to get in trouble," Mack told WKYT. "This right here keeps me out the streets. I'm around positive people."

"Well, without the help, actually what would happen, I would be in more trouble than I've already been in my life," Weathers said.

For now, the students say they plan to focus on the 'X' in ex- felon.

"Now a days, they use your past for your future. If we all do that, where are we going to be at," Weathers asked. "My main thing in life, you know, no matter what you've done in life, you can always come back. Don't let nobody hold you down. Everybody deserves a second chance."

Instructor Hayden says when the students graduate, they are asked to give hair cuts to people in the community who can't afford them. He says it's a way for students to give back to the community that gave to them.

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