Lexington business claims hacker posted offensive Facebook comment

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Workers at a Lexington business spent the day answering angry phone calls and messages all because of a Facebook post.

A comment left on a picture posted on the "Baby Belly Spa" Facebook page Monday night sparked an uproar. The owner of the business in Hamburg that specializes in pregnancy & childbirth services, Crystal Nichols says, someone hacked into her business account and commented on an old photo of a client's son uploaded to the page in October. The post said "he looks kinda retarded. lol"

"I was sick to my stomach and highly offended," said Nichols who says she has no idea who wrote the offensive post. "I am the only one who has access to the account, so right now, I have no other explanation other than I was hacked."

Nichols says her first call was to the boy's parents. "I wanted to make sure they knew how sorry I was and that this wasn't me," she said.

By early Tuesday morning Nichols Facebook page had received dozens of comments related to the post. One user wrote,"
"Hope to see you out of business soon. Shame on you." While others came to Nichols' defense, "This is an amazing spa with incredible service. They've earned my trust over the years, and I stand by them especially through this horrible hacking incident."

"This is something I've never been through, and would never want anyone else to go through," Nichols continued.

She's now taken steps to increase the page's security in an effort to prevent a similar incident in the future. "And I'm trying to work with Facebook to see where that post came from. What IP address and try to figure out if there's a way to track that person down," Nichols said.

We have more information on how to protect your Facebook page from being hacked. First, never give out your password,
don't click on strange links, do not accept friend requests from people you don't know and make sure you report spam to Facebook. Other suggestions include, not downloading strange applications, make sure you enable login notifications. You can check your security settings on your profile page to enable this function and finally don't login from wi-fi hotspots.

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