Lexington business owner on edge after violent weekend

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington business owner says she's worried about her safety after a violent weekend sent one man to the hospital and left cars and businesses scarred with bullet holes.

"I feel scared. It's very unsafe to do business with violence right next to you,” said the woman who doesn't want to be identified because she worries she will be targeted.

Lexington police say a store and three cars in the Russell Cave Shopping Center were caught in the crossfire during a shootout Friday night.

Then Saturday night a man told police a robber beat him to the ground and stabbed him in the leg at Cowboy's Showgirls.

Investigators say he called for help about 9 o'clock from the Catalina Motel, which is a block away.

According to police, he’s recovering at UK Hospital.

"Right now it's very violent, for two days in a row it has been very dangerous,” said the business owner.

Police say they don't have suspects in any of the cases yet.

The business owner says she heard the gunshots and saw the fighting; now she hopes police will fight for the safety of those who live and work nearby.

"I hope that police look into it and make it safer for us, so they can catch the crime prevent it so it doesn't happen anymore," she said.

Police say they are thinking about increasing their presence in the area by adding more patrols.

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