Lexington businesses catch Big Blue fever

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Wildcat success translates to all kinds of big blue excitement at businesses around town. At Noodles & Company on Nicholasville Road, employees sprayed customers' orders Kentucky blue.

"We as a state bleed blue and I so I figured we should be eating blue want to be like today," said manager Chad Colony.

Closer to campus at Bourbon 'n Toulouse, cooks are serving up an unusual-sounding dish.

"We kind of jumped the gun. We were hoping we were going to play Florida for the final, so we made some alligator étouffé. Today instead of alligator étouffé it's Husky étouffé," said owner Kevin Heathcoat.

Heathcoat assured WKYT there's no actual canine meat in dish. He said some of his employees are giving away some of that Husky down in Arlington.

"We just want to spread the love to Dallas, to all the true blue fans down there. Giving away free plates. If they find us, we're giving it to them," he said.

Heathcoat says that Kentucky spirit won't end tonight.

"Tonight, we bring home number nine! Tomorrow every ninth customer is going to get a free meal, so come on in and get in line. Maybe it's your lucky number!" he said.

The manager at Noodles & Company said they'll serve up those big blue noodles all the way up until closing time at 9:00.