Lexington businesses prepare for Valentine's Day snow storm

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Valentine's weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year when it comes to restaurants and other businesses. But this year, those businesses are not feeling the love with the threat for winter weather looming Friday night.

Many are having to adjust they way they do things, to cater to the winter weather.

Flower shops, like Ashland Florist stayed busy through the afternoon, trying to get delivers made before the snow arrived. The owner, Mary Anderson kept an eye on the radar all day, worried her drivers wouldn't get through all the deliveries.

"It's been better here than it has been other places. But, you know, we're hoping that the weather will hold off today until we get everything delivered anyway."

Restaurants are also having to find ways to weather the approaching storm. Malone's in Hamburg says it's walk-ins that will likely benefit from the threat for snowy weather. While they were booked for Valentine's day, they're already seeing cancellations coming in.

Eric Reihing, with Malone's tells WKYT, his staff is also considering the safety of customers and staff by treating parking lots.

"We've taken care of some measures this morning to already put some salt down and be prepared. Of course, we've been fighting this for a couple of weeks if not a month."

Joe Bologna's tells WKYT they saw a crowd filter through their doors Thursday night, due to Friday's winter weather threat.

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