Lexington candy store avoids major loss in fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The doors at the Old Kentucky Chocolates store, on Southland Drive, are open, but the business is not.

Don Hurt, the owner, says he had to close down after a fire sparked around midday Sunday. Hurt says he followed the smoke until he found the small flames in the ceiling of the men's restroom, and he said it was likely due to a fan shorting out.

"Smoke in a candy store at Christmas, not what we're looking for," said Hurt.

The owner says chocolate acts like a sponge and soaks in the smells around it, so a smokey factory had him worried his stock could be compromised.

"Fortunately, all of our candy was sealed and a lot of it was in the walk-in and a lot of it was over in another room so that's good," he added, "We've got people coming and we're going to use peppermint and spearmint to change the air and see what happens from there."

The smoke damage closed the store the rest of Sunday and will keep it closed through Monday. The owner says just those two days at this time of year, means they'll be losing more than a thousand dollars in business.

"The smoke wasn't that bad and health department says it's okay so we'll be alright."

Still, Hurt admits it was a close call, but it could've been even worse he said.

"What could have happened is the sprinkler systems could've gone off and we could've had major damage because all of the candy is in boxes and water would've hit it. Only the sprinkler system did not go off."

Hurt says the his Christmas was saved thanks to the fire department's quick response.

Even the store's chocolate horses survived, un-melted, his wife chuckled. Making it a sign of a sweet reward in the midst of a hot mess.

Hurt says his other two locations in Lexington will be open and serving customers until his shop on Southland Drive is back open.

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