Lexington church targeted by vandals yet again

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A church that has been vandalized multiple times has once again been struck, said the church's pastor.

Folks at Trinity Baptist Church are frustrated. Once again, their buses have been vandalized. Now, Lexington Police are helping them investigate.

Greg McClellan, the senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, told WKYT's Elizabeth Dorsett, "This isn't the second, third or fourth time."

Volunteers spent much of their Monday trying to piece together what vandals took apart. On Sunday, drivers headed out to the three Trinity Baptist Church buses to make their runs, only to find that two of the buses wouldn't start.

"They discovered the gas lines had been cut and the gas stolen," said McClellan.

The vans are tucked away behind the church on Strader Drive. McClellen says his vans have sadly become an easy target. Now he's hopeful the person or people will come forward. Or at least stop.

"If they have a need, ask," McClellan told us. "Churches are here to meet needs. We're gonna do the best we can to meet these needs. If there's a reason they're doing it, we'll try and help."

Folks at Trinity Baptist Church are looking at additional security measures, including possibly adding surveillance cameras.

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