Lexington church to help Sandy victims over holidays

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been weeks since Super Storm Sandy rammed into the East Coast but the damage is still there, lives are still in disarray, and help is pouring in from everywhere including Lexington.

"We really just said what God has given to us we've got to be able to give it away. So, we rallied the troops and just said "Who's ready to go?" said David Griffith, the Connections Pastor at Quest Community Church.

There are 20 volunteers from Quest set to leave Friday for New Jersey to help in the hard hit areas.

"We started praying about how we could be a part of helping people just with clean up and really just showing the love of Christ to them any way we could," explained Griffith.

Volunteer Alivia Barrett says the group is determined to make an impact, no matter the size.

"I can do something that probably is very small in the spectrum of all of the recovery they're going to need, but it brings hope initially."

"I have no special qualifications or anything, it's just great to just be able to be a guy who's just going forward and do it!" added Chuck Scully, another trip volunteer.

While many people count their blessings on Thanksgiving, this group is thankful to be a blessing, even if that means sacrificing their holiday.

"For me to give up a few days for them to have the seeds of that hope, it's a no brainer, for me every time," answered Scully.

"I'm really willing to sacrifice this!" exclaimed Barrett.

The church has been challenging the congregation to be more action-based. A sign outside the church emphasizes the point asking, "What life are you waiting for?"

With that in mind, this group knows there are many lives to be touched. Whether it's tearing out dry wall or serving up hot chocolate to strangers, this trip is really about loving on others.

The group is set to met and work with a New Jersey church through the weekend and will return home Wednesday the 28th.

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