Lexington comedian shares memory of Robin Williams

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Jeff Caldwell is a comedian based here in Central Kentucky. He performs at Comedy off Broadway from time to time, but early on in his career, he says he had a chance encounter with Robin Williams at a comedy club in Baltimore.

"To see somebody that huge it was really inspirational," Caldwell said.

Williams was in town for another event. Caldwell says it's not unusual for a big name comedian like that to pop in unannounced.

"It was just this buzz when he entered the club of 'He's here! He's here! He's in the building," Caldwell said.

And the responsibility for bringing the famed comedian on stage fell on Caldwell's shoulders.

"I introduced him. At first people were little indignant because they think you're lying to them and then, even when they see him, there's a moment where they're still processing it and then, pandemonium," he said. Caldwell tried not to bother Williams backstage.

"I just said hello, shook his hand. He was very quiet he was wasn't performing he was off sitting in the stairwell pondering," he said.

Like the millions of heartbroken Robin Williams fans, Caldwell said he was saddened. He hopes Williams' death might have an impact on others battling depression.

"Mental illness is so difficult and all you can hope is that it will inspire people to get help," He said.

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