Lexington company evacuated after carbon monoxide leak

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington business has been evacuated after a carbon monoxide leak.

It was around nine o'clock Friday morning when employees at Neogen Corporation on Mercer Road noticed a strange odor. They contacted Columbia Gas.

Worker with Columbia Gas came out and got a high reading on their equipment for carbon monoxide. The building was evacuated.

Firefighters came out to try to locate the source of the gas leak. They blamed it on a faulty piece of equipment, which was removed from the building.

Firefighters are now trying to clear out all of the remaining gas, so employees can get back to work, but that could take some time.

"Were talking about a warehouse that's pretty large and there are a lot of offices that are separated so it makes it difficult to force the CO out but that's what we're trying to do," said Major Chris Ward with the Lexington Fire Department.

According to their website, Neogen is a company that produces food and animal safety safety test kits.

Firefighters expect people will be able to return to work sometime Friday afternoon.

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