Lexington drivers navigate icy roads

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - Saturday was a long day for drivers in Lexington. Police say with all the snow the city got things were still pretty smooth, and they only worked non-injury accidents.

Early in the morning solid white roads greeted drivers.

"They're slushy but also icy underneath, so it's hard to know if it's going to be slick," said Denise Williams who was out shopping.

For a lot of drivers the trip ended on the side of the road. Lexington police say they worked 28 accidents during the day. Those who did make it to the main roads found that things weren't so bad.

"New Circle was pretty good, but some of these neighborhood roads can get a little dicey," said Daniel Fuson who drove into town from Cynthiana.

Many of the drivers we spoke with today say no matter how clean the roads are their biggest concern is the other people on them.

"They don't slow down and next thing you know they're doing donuts in the middle of the road," Fuson said.

But Lexington police say most people have been keeping it on the road. As night falls so will the temperature, making already icy roads even slicker.

Lexington police say the number of accidents they worked was about the same number they work on days when it rains. They believe a lot of people stayed off the roads which helped them out.

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