Some Lexington drivers sick of 'dangerous' icy side streets

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Just getting from her driveway to a street a couple hundred feet away has become a chore that can take up to an hour for Tiffany Johnson.

"We were stuck right there by that mailbox forever with the wheels just running, running, running," she said.

She says nearly every time she gains a few feet driving up the icy hill on Ellemoore Lane she slides back down again.

"I was late to work. We got stuck pretty bad out here we couldn't get out at all if it wasn't for this lovely lady that I've never met a day before in my life. She basically was nice enough to take me to work," said Johnson.

Lexington Streets & Roads crews say they can't get to side roads, such as Ellemoore Lane, because they’re focusing on keeping main roads clear.

Police say since the ice and snow hit Saturday there have been about 50 accidents, people were injured in six of them.

Johnson says if her street isn’t cleared she’s afraid it’s just a matter of time until someone else is hurt.

"It's very frustrating and very scary," she said.

AAA says they've received about 100 calls for help since the snow started coming down Saturday.

Officials at the Walmarts and Home Depots in Lexington say they're out of road salt. As of 3 pm Sunday the Lowes on Old Todd Road, Sam's Club and several Krogers have salt left.

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