Lexington father accused of killing infant speaks out from jail

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington father in jail for the murder of his 29-day-old son is speaking out from jail about losing his child.

Lexington Police say Caz Hazuga confessed to killing his son. He is now facing a murder charge for the death of Caz Hazuga Jr.

Emergency crews found the infant unresponsive Thursday morning. Police say Hazuga confessed to striking the infant's head on a counter multiple times, but Hazuga says he was forced into a confession.

"I felt like if I didn't tell them what they were saying was true that they were gonna blame it on my fiancée, or blame it on my brother, which I wasn't gonna let happen," Hazuga told WKYT from jail.

He says Thanksgiving morning he was feeding the baby boy, when Caz Jr. coughed.

"He kind of, I don't if you would say choked or coughed, like the feeling you get when something goes down the wrong side of your throat," he described. He says his baby then went limp, and his eyes rolled back.

"Everything happened so fast. Everything was just such a blur I just really don't know. From up until the time where he stopped, when he went limp, I was freaking out so bad I don't even know."

Hazuga pleaded not guilty in court Monday. He'll be back in court for a pre-trial hearing Thursday, December 12th.

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