Lexington firefighter suffers heat exhaustion while battling house fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) It’s a reminder of just how dangerous hot temperatures can be.

On Thursday, a Lexington firefighter who suffered heat exhaustion while battling a house fire talked to us about what she went through.

The fire destroyed one house and damaged two others on Wednesday in the Masterson Station neighborhood.

The firefighter used to play for the UK Hoops team and says she's in great shape but she was still overcome by the heat.

After four years of competing on the college basketball court and one year of working as a Lexington firefighter, Nastassia Alcius certainly knows what it takes to go to the distance.

But on Wednesday, even Alcius couldn’t hold up against the intense heat and humidity.

“I was tending to a young woman who had a heat situation and I was getting her water and little did I know that I had heat exhaustion myself,” Alcius told us.

She says Wednesday's temperatures in the mid-90s mixed with her heavy gear and the intense blaze was too much to take.

“It’s a challenge every day for us when we go to do our job because we do have on this gear, we have a lot of tools on us but at the same time we know we have to do our job.”

Alcius was overcome with nausea and a heat-related headache for several minutes but thankfully she cooled down rather quickly.

Alcius says sometimes instances like this are just part of the job.

Firefighters now say the fire was caused by three 14-year-olds who set fire to some plants. We’re told the teens put the plants in a recycling container which then caught the house on fire.

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