Lexington first responders head east to help victims of Sandy

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The East Coast continues to cleanup two weeks after Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of New York and New Jersey.

Tomorrow more help from Kentucky will be on the way there. A group of Lexington police and firefighters are gearing up to help in the recovery efforts.

"We just want to help in anyway we can at this point," Officer Stacy Shannon told WKYT's Andy Cunningham.

Officer Shannon is one of the organizers. She says they have been collecting supplies for sometime now that they will deliver to the hardest hit areas.
Donations were collected by fellow officers and at the Fayette Mall Customer Service Center. Including;
· New pillows and blankets
· Gift cards
· Gas cards
· Sheet sets
· Pillow cases
· Shovels
· Chainsaws
· Latex gloves
· Food items - bread, hot dogs, hamburgers, lunch meat, peanut butter, soups, water and coffee.

"Basically all of the things these people need but can't get," Shannon said.

About ten local first responders will make the 700 mile trip, leaving from Lexington on Wednesday morning. They will spend about a week there.

"When we get there, we will first meet with the local Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and then we will be given assignments of what to do from there," she said.

They could be working in the Stanten Island area, made up of mostly New York City police officers and fire fighters.

"Whether a Lexington Police officer or a New York City police officer, we are all one big family," said Shannon.

Lexington saw similar compassion in 2010 when dozens of New York City Police officers made the trip here to help patrol the city so local law enforcement could attend Officer Bryan Durman's funeral following his death.

"It's our way of returning the favor in a way. We are prepared for whatever, and while we are prepared for the worst, we are hoping for the best."

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