Lexington gas prices at highest point in 12 months

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Thousands of UK fans are traveling to Indianapolis to watch UK play Louisville Friday night.

Before they hit the road, they may take a hit at the gas pump.

"It still hurts, I just put $50 in and it wasn't empty," said Theresa Storie.

An average gallon of gas in Lexington hit $3.75 Thursday.

AAA officials say drivers in Lexington haven't seen prices climb that high since March of last year.

The price is rising to make up for oil refinery maintenance, according to AAA officials. They also say switching from winter gasoline blends to summer blends is sending prices higher.

Storie says the price hike will change game plans.

"The money situation with the gas is definitely going to put a damper on some of the celebrating. The meals they might buy are probably going to turn into fast food instead because the gas is going to take more money from the trip,” she said.

AAA officials expect gas prices will keep rising the next few days but they believe prices will fall again in a few weeks.

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