Lexington gas theft victim speaks out

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman trying to help a man who said he needed gas says she was quickly taken advantage of by him. And now she's speaking out while he sits in jail.

One Lexington woman was putting gas in her car at a Shell station IN Hamburg when she says a man approached her asking for 20 dollars in gas which she agreed to. But then he bullied her into more.

Shawna David says she felt taken advantage of when Edward McKeehan continued to pump gasoline into his gas cans using her credit card adding up to 72 dollars worth of gas.

She says she continually told McKeehan that was enough and felt helpless as the gas tanks filled.

"I kept telling him to stop and he wouldn't. He just kept saying he needed more to get back home and no matter how many times I said stop, he wouldn't. Finally he said he was done, but he kept filling up the tanks more and more," said Shawna David, the victim.

With her three-year-old and four-year-old children in the backseat of her car, David said she didn't want to take any chances trying to physically grab the pump out of the hands of a man twice her size.

Luckily, David says her husband was working right across the street, and he approached the man and then called police.

And although David had to go through this, she says it has taught her a valuable lesson.

"Just say no and try to get away as quickly as possible," said David.

In the end, police handed over McKeehan's tanks to David filled with the gas she paid for.

Police say the man had actually been to three other gas stations that day doing the same thing to other people. He was arrested on the spot at the Shell station.

McKeehan is in jail on charges of robbery and begging.

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