Lexington gets new salt supply as new storm threat looms

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Some fresh loads of salt were delivered Friday morning to the Lexington Streets and Roads Department, as they get ready for another round of winter weather that's moving in Friday night.

Rob Allen, the acting director of the department, says they're spending the day taking care of a couple of different issues. They have salt trucks and plows going out to some neighborhood roads that they haven't had a chance to get to yet because of the constant snow and freezing rain. He said they're also double checking some school bus routes to make sure they're clear.

They are not worried about running out of salt in Fayette County anytime soon. Fresh salt is being packed into the salt barn.

"We're fortunate that we had locked in a long term supply. And it's been an extraordinary year as far as salt usage goes, but we're still set for a couple more events, unlike some of the surrounding communities. I'm hearing they're having trouble," said Allen.

Allen tells WKYT that recent freezing rain split their department in two. He said about half of his crews had to be diverted from treating roads, to cleaning up trees that had fallen because of the ice.

Allen says the entire night shift will be back Friday night when the snow moves in.

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