Lexington girl donates birthday presents to Angel Tree Program

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Tucker Patterson celebrated her ninth birthday today with several of her friends in Lexington.

The party included dancing, swimming, and lots of presents. But Patterson doesn't plan to keep any of them for herself, "I'm donating presents for the Angel Tree on my birthday."

Patterson says she knows other kids need them more than she does, "My mom took me to the mall and I saw this big tree with all kinds of lists of people that didn't get presents. So, I decided to do it this year."

But this isn't the first birthday Patterson has donated her presents
"I have been doing it since kindergarten," she says.

Patterson says it makes her feel good and she is happy her friends can help too, "I think they're gonna be happy because they know that they're helping lots of kids."

Her wish this birthday is for more people to donate toys to the program.

"Well because, there's a lot of kids out there that don't have any presents and I want them to help them too, " Patterson adds.

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