Two men charged with arson following Lexington house fire

Gregory Cruz, left, and Darrell Blankenship were charged with arson following a Lexington house fire

UPDATE: Two arrests were made this morning in connection to the Sherman Avenue fire in Lexington last night.

Gregory Cruz, 30, and Darrell Blankenship, 31, were arrested early Sunday morning on charges of 2nd Degree Arson following the housefire at 279 Sherman Avenue.

The fire was reported to 911 at 6:57pm on Saturday night. Investigators stayed at the scene well after the fire in the now-gutted house had been extinguished, believing the fire to be suspicious.

Lexington Fire Battalion Chief Brian Wainscott told WKYT that "the firefight went as well as possible, and our guys did an amazing job."

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- An investigation is now underway after a Lexington home is damaged by fire.

Officials tell us the people who lived there had just moved out.

"My girlfriend and I were watching a TV show and we thought that we heard a couple sirens. We thought it might have been on the TV show," said a neighbor, Landon Howe.

But those sirens were not coming from Landon Howe's small screen but instead from a home nearby on Sherman Avenue. Eye witness captured just feet away shows fiery site in one Lexington neighborhood.

"Instantly, I smelled that heavy, heavy smoke smell. It was almost like gasoline type of a fire," said Howe.

Lexington firefighters battled heavy smoke and flames.

"I saw flames flying out of the house. It was pretty unnerving to look at quite frankly."

Despite some things inside the home, firefighters don't believe anyone was living in the house.

"The house was locked so we did have to force entry into the house," said Bat. Chief Brian Wainscott.

No one was injured and firefighters say it didn't take long to put the fire out.

"Within about six minutes, I think they had it completely out. So it was a pretty good response," said Wainscott.

Now the mission for the Lexington Fire Department is to figure out what started this fire, in a home where no one likely lives.

" just hope everyone is alright. It is the first time that I actually had seen flames shooting out of home. It's a little unsettling."

Firefighters believe the fire started in the front room of the house.

They say the gas and electric were still on inside the home.

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