Kids charged in ice cream truck robbery & four burglaries

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We've learned more about a crime spree in a Lexington neighborhood. Police say they've charged four children for the crimes.

They say the children broke into homes and even robbed an ice cream truck driver along Trailwood Lane. All of the crimes have been in the McConnell's Trace neighborhood off Leestown Road.

The man who caught those juveniles spoke with WKYT. He said he heard someone pulling at the screen on his back window Monday afternoon.

"I came out the front door, in the driveway I noticed there was three kids just sitting in the driveway, one of them was facing the door," said the man who didn't want to be identified.

"As I ran out I grabbed two of them, the other took off running," he said. "I kind of led them to the back and that's where I seen the other kid, he was the 13 year old, he had already took my screens off my window."

The homeowner says the teen tried to run past him.

"He had to come through me to get out, so I grabbed him and as I was grabbing him a 9mm gun had dropped from his waistband," he said.

Lexington Police say the four juveniles are responsible for one robbery involving an ice cream truck and four home break-ins.

"From this investigation, we were able to recover seven firearms, three laptops, and two gaming systems and this investigation is still ongoing," said Sherelle Roberts, with Lexington Division of Police.

Whether they were just looking for something to do because they were bored isn't a good enough excuse for police.

"Something that made them cool," said CJ Lechner, whose home was burglarized. "Something that was fun. Something different to do."

CJ Lechner's home was one of those targeted in the McConnell's Trace neighborhood. He says he had something broken, not stolen, in the break-in.

"My little sister came outside and said your hookah pipe is all over the ground," said Lechner. "So when I came out, it was right over there in the middle of the street completely shattered."

The kids were charged and released to their parents with police saying they did not meet the criteria to go to a juvenile detention center.

People in the Masterson Station area tell us they are aware of what's going on and will be keeping a close eye out for anything suspicious, not wanting to become the next victim.

"I'm usually very aware, and we're almost always outside," said Lechner. "So the fact that this happened the first time is shocking enough."

With the juveniles ranging in age from 11 to 13 years old, many hope they learn a lesson and stay away from where they don't belong, like other people's homes, and stop taking what doesn't belong to them.

"Just try to figure out where this was coming from, you don't just wake up and all of a sudden you're a criminal," said the homeowner who stopped them. "Hopefully it shakes them enough to change their pattern.

Each juvenile was charged with one count of robbery and four counts of burglary.

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