Lexington included in Amazon Sunday delivery

Amazon’s Everyday Delivery is growing, and the growth includes both Lexington and Louisville.

Sunday delivery will be available in 15 additional cities through the United States Postal Service. Amazon Prime members who receive unlimited two-day shipping on millions of items can order as late as Friday and receive their packages on Sunday for free

Amazon announced Thursday that customers in those cities are eligible for Sunday delivery. In addition to the Los Angeles and New York metro areas, where Sunday delivery launched in November 2013, Amazon customers in the following locations are now receiving deliveries on Sunday:

• Austin, Texas
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• College Station, Texas
• Columbus, Ohio
• Dallas, Texas
• Houston, Texas
• Indianapolis, Ind.
• Lexington, Ky.
• Louisville, Ky.
• New Orleans, La.
• Oklahoma City, Okla.
• Philadelphia, Pa.
• San Antonio, Texas
• Shreveport, La.
• Waco, Texas

Since Sunday delivery launched, millions of packages have been delivered on Sunday to Amazon customers. Amazon and the U.S. Postal Service plan to continue to roll out Sunday delivery to a large portion of the U.S. population this year.

To participate, Amazon customers can simply add any of the millions of eligible items to their cart and see the Sunday delivery promise at checkout when available in their region.

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