Lexington injured dog finally caught after eight months

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - For months animal control officers had been trying to find him because he was injured.

But Wednesday night a dog that kept getting away has finally been caught.

We've been tracking the search for this dog named Trooper in Lexington Cardinal Valley neighborhood since last spring.

He was playing a friendly game of catch me if you can.

"We've tried kennel traps and regular kennels, and we even tried sedation," said Carmi Rockwell, Trooper's new owner. "We've tried a little bit of everything."

Nearly eight months, day in and day out, all the way from Mount Sterling, Carmi Rockwell searched Lexington up and down.

"We were never gonna give up on him," said Rockwell.

But with Trooper knowing the area better than anyone, he always managed to get away until Wednesday.

Once he was on a tennis court, Trooper knew he was caught, but Rockwell still wasn't so sure. They had caught him once before, and he got away.

This time she cornered him in the biggest cage she could think of, a tennis court.

"He gave up because he knew he was caught," said Rockwell.

Trooper, finally with a bed to rest his paws on, is at the Humane Society until he goes home.

"He'll be home right before Valentine's Day. He makes my baker's dozen, so 13 will be a lucky number for me," said Rockwell.

They say Trooper has adjusted well even with losing his freedom to run, but they don't missing running after him at all.

"We actually get a night of rest of knowing he's safe. That's the big thing," said Rockwell.

Trooper has a cyst on one of his paws and an injury to his neck from an embedded collar. He was set to see the vet sometime Wednesday night.

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