Lexington law enforcement and community members awarded together

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They're being called heroes for saving lives or helping fight crime in Lexington.

The Lexington Police Department held its annual awards banquet Tuesday night, honoring officers and others in the community who have gone beyond the call of duty in the last year.

Every day the men and women behind these doors work to protect us, but this time it was all about them, the Lexington Division of Police.

They were awarded for for going above and beyond. Several of the awards included service awards, like exceptional service and distinguished service and also medals, like the medal of merit.

The life saving award, for instance, was given to 16 people including both officers and citizens.

Back in December, many officers responded to a fiery collision that entrapped one man. That man survived because of the community and these officers working as a team.

"To see him alive because of everyone's actions, it felt really good," said Sergeant Scott Perrine, with the Lexington Division of Police.

That's why a total of 16 people were awarded together.

"The citizens saw what they needed to do and just did it. We didn't tell them to do it. Everyone worked together, and it was wonderful," said Sergeant Perrine.

But individuals were recognized as well, like Officer Todd Johnson, who was awarded Police Officer of the Year.

"Most of the people in here are from the community at least it appears that way to me," said Officer Todd Johnson. "And that's huge to know that they have our back and support."

And a distinguished service award was presented to the Brian Mattone's family. Mattone was the assistant county attorney and law enforcement partner and friend of Lexington Police. He was killed in a crash one year ago.

"I'm very, very pleased, and we're very honored to be asked to be here. We're very proud of Brian," said Frank Mattone, Brian Mattone's father. "He was very proud to serve with the police and help in any way that he could."

Dozens and dozens of both officials and community members were awarded at the banquet.

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