Lexington lawyer arrested after stolen $25,000 statues were found in his home

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police say a tip from an eyewitness led them to arrest a lawyer after they found two stolen statues at his apartment.

Near the end of July two bronze statues were reported stolen from the Heike Pickett Gallery in Versailles.

Police received a tip that the statues, appraised at $25,000 each, were inside a Lexington home.

Monday afternoon police visited the apartment of John Scott Benton, where they say he attempting to climb out of a second floor window. They say he then went back inside the building.

After acquiring a search warrant, police were able to get inside Benton's home where they found the two bronze statues.

Police also found several other pieces of art and learned that Benton is an avid art collector.

A Lexington Police detective couldn't say if any of those have been reported stolen as well.

Benton was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. At his arraignment Tuesday afternoon he asked the judge to appoint a public defender, saying he didn't have the money to hire a private attorney.

The search warrant used to enter the apartment says the person who sent the original tip told police they were visiting the apartment when Benton told them he had some new art. They went on to say Benton said he had driven to the art studio at night and put the pieces in his girlfriend's car, driving them back to the apartment.

According to a Herald Leader article, Benton was arrested twice in 2011 while practicing law in Lexington.

According to the Kentucky Bar website, Benton is currently practicing law in Lexington.

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