Lexington man accused of posing as officer to solicit sexual favors

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a man pretended to be one of them on social media sites, and used fake profiles to pick up women.

Lexington Police say Raynel Lamar White set up two profiles on social media. Investigators tell us White posed as a Lexington police officer on one, and as a Fayette County Sheriff's deputy on another. Police say he used the pages to try to solicit sexual favors. He's charged with two counts of impersonating an officer.

"We've had people impersonate an officer before where they might dress up like an officer, especially around Halloween. They may try to pull someone over, or pose as an officer to get something that they want. But to have somebody actually go to the length of setting up a social networking profile using an officer's name and their photograph. That's very unusual," explained Sherelle Roberts with Lexington Police, "You have someone who is using an official officer photo, using an official name, and then making these weird and inappropriate propositions."

White declined an interview from jail.

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