Lexington man remains in critical condition after moped accident

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) He suffered serious injuries when a car hit his moped and now, the family of a Lexington man tells us he’s struggling to recover.

37-year-old Rodney Pate's is still in critical condition at UK Hospital. The crash happened August second on Leestown Road near Silver Springs Farm.

Along with Pate's medical bills, his family tells us their expenses are piling up too.

Ask Mac and Shelia pate about their son Rodney and they'll be quick to tell you all about his favorite past time.

“He wanted to start working on mopeds and wanted to sell them,” said Rodney’s father, Mac Pate.

Rodney’s passion for repairing mopeds was no secret, but to his father, the fact that he actually rode them certainly was.
“He didn’t even tell me he had a moped.”

So you can only imagine his surprise after learning that his son suffered critical injuries in a moped accident.

“It broke every bone in his face, it knocked all of his teeth out and his brain was swelled and bleeding,” said Sheila Pate, Rodney’s stepmother.

Family members tell us a car going faster than the 55 mph speed limit crashed into the back of Rodney’s moped, sending Rodney straight into the pavement. Unfortunately, he was not wearing a helmet.

“If you're going to be out on a moped or a motorcycle please put a helmet on because so much of these injuries could've been prevented if he had a helmet on,” Sheila told us.

Since the accident, his parents have spent nearly every single day making the trip up from Somerset to sit with their son who is still in ICU at UK.

“It hurts my heart to see him there, and I would like to visit him every day,” Mac Pate explained.

But in order to afford that, they'll need donations from the public.
“Every little bit would help. We are just trying to drive up here and spend that time with him and let him know that we're there.

If you would like to donate to Rodney Pate and his family, a fund has been set up for them at Chase Bank.

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