Lexington man's car stolen at gunpoint

MGN Online

LEXINGTON, Ky. Police say that late Friday night a man had his car stolen at gunpoint by a man his passenger knew at the corner of Arceme St. and Limestone St. in Lexington.

According to police, the man was driving himself and a passenger in a green 2000 Dodge Charger when the passenger asked if they could go pick up another man. Police say when the two men arrived at that intersection, the man they intended to pick up pulled out a gun and demanded that the driver get out of the car and hand over any cash he had. Police say the suspect then got into the vehicle and drove away with the passenger.

Police say they're looking for the vehicle, which has the Kentucky license plate 967-CWP. They ask anyone with information the whereabouts of the vehicle or the suspect to contact them at 859-258-2600.

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