Lexington middle school students charged with trafficking drugs at school

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A couple of students at a Lexington middle school received some shocking charges Wednesday.

Investigators say they sold marijuana to other students on campus.

Leaders at Morton Middle School sent letters home to parents telling them about the situation.

Two eighth graders here at Morton Middle School are facing drug charges and some consequences at school. That's because school officials tell us they were caught buying and selling marijuana while they were at school.

One parent we talked to says he's afraid of one bad apple spoiling the bunch.

"This doesn't need to spread to the other children," said Mark King, whose seventh grader goes to Morton Middle.

Parents of students at Morton Middle received a letter explaining what happened. A portion of it read, "Today, we discovered that a handful of students were involved with selling and buying marijuana at school. As you know, not only is this prohibited at school, it is also against the law."

"Don't try to sell drugs at a school or ever. That's terrible. I just can't believe it," said King.

King says he of course doesn't want his son or his friends getting mixed up in drugs or falling to peer pressure.

"If someone is involved in it, you need to stay away from them or you need to speak to your teacher about it and say something because it needs to be taken out of this area," said King.

King says he hopes this can be a lesson for other students to not make the same mistake.

Because of their young age, the names of the students involved are not being released.

School officials tell us a third student was charged with possession.

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