Lexington neighborhood on lookout for Peeping Tom

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We have an alert for a Lexington neighborhood Thursday evening after reports of a Peeping Tom in the Masterson Station area. Officials tell us a man has been spotted peering into bathroom windows. People living there are now on the look-out for this not so sneaky spy.

Masterson Station may look like many other neighborhoods in Lexington. It's quiet and covered in snow.

"Extremely family friendly, everyone looks out for each other, and we have a lot of police in the neighborhood," said Tracy, a concerned neighbor.

But there's more outside their windows than the winter cold.

"It's just crazy," said Jason Preece, another concerned neighbor. "It's scary that some people do that."

"This is something I would never expect, so I definitely hope they find the person who's doing this," said Tracy.

People here are focusing on more than spring's arrival, looking out the window. They're watching for a Peeping Tom which is something they never looked for before now.

"Not in a million years, but I love the neighborhood," said Tracy. "I plan to stay out here a long time."

One man's story on Majestic View Walk this week got the neighborhood talking when he spread the word that he saw a man peering into his bathroom window. Tracks in the snow are evidence to police that someone was standing by the man's window, but they say it's not an easy crime to catch.

People living here have reached out to their neighborhood association. And the association's president tells us they don't want to alarm people, but they need to be informed.

"Anything that's invasive like that I feel like is definitely a concern to the neighborhood especially with kids, especially down in this area with a school right here," said Preece. "There's a lot of young kids here."

"I'm concerned about my neighbors and other women and men," said Tracy. "Men can be victims as well and children. I'm concerned about everybody."

Lexington Police say they know of this being an issue in the same area a few years back as well.

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