Lexington neighborhood plagued by rash of violence

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) In less than a week's time, a string of three separate shootings have plagued Lexington’s historic West End neighborhood.

The Urban County Councilman who represents them says it's time to do something about it. Council Member Chris Ford now says he's stepping up efforts to protect the community.

“It seems to be more than just isolated incidents and that’s troubling,” said Lexington’s 1st District Councilman Chris Ford.

The recent rash of shootings has left three injured and put several innocent others in harm’s way.

“The neighbors who live nearby, some are elderly and some have small children, they want to feel like they live in a safe neighborhood and have a sense of security. So it’s troubling because we know that violence and gunfire often leads to victims unintended,” Ford told us Thursday.

Ford is now working to rein in these random acts of violence.

“We can’t prevent incidents like these from happening but we can definitely demonstrate that we are concerned like I am and we can work tirelessly to help all parties and bring solutions to turn things around.”

Ford says parks like Douglass Park can become the hub of violence in the community due to the amount of activity taking place there but he says one way to try to prevent that is to set up safety zones similar to the ones at schools.

Ford says another way of turning things around is by having an increased police presence in the Georgetown Street area but he also believes it will take more than just police to restore safety on the West End.

“The challenge for us at city hall is how do we bring sustainable community development, how do we bring in jobs, how do we ensure educational opportunities, how do we keep the folks who live there safe in their neighborhoods.”

For the short-term fixes, Ford says he simply wants peace and security for the neighborhood.

But in the long run, he says investment and community development initiatives are necessary in order to restore the historic neighborhood to the safe, family-friendly area that it once was.

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