Lexington nursing home worker charged with stealing from patient

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - An employee, who police say they caught on camera stealing from a wheelchair-bound patient, is set to answer charges in court.

Lexington Police charged 52-year-old Marsha Woods with burglary. Police say Morning Pointe Assisted Living, where Woods worked, notified police after getting complaints of a theft.

According to court documents, a patient at Morning Pointe had reported several instances of theft from her room. The manager, then, decided to set up a hidden camera. They also put $300 of the center's money on view of the camera.

Police say on the night of June 8, that patient reported hearing someone in her room, but when she called out, the person wouldn't answer. When managers reviewed the video, police say they could see Marsha Woods going through the patient's desk, finding an envelope containing that cash, putting it in her pocket, and leaving.

Police arrested Woods on Monday. She's since been released.

WKYT's Sean Moody spoke with Woods by phone on Tuesday morning and she had no comment.

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