Lexington organization the target of second fire in two days

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - For the second time in a week, advocates for Lexington’s homeless are cleaning up after a suspicious fire.

The Community Inn, part of the Catholic Action Center, is where individuals can go to get a meal, clothing or a shower if needed.

It happened around 3:30am Wednesday morning, officials say Lewis J Landis went to the Community Inn and told them he needed a place to sleep.

They tell us Landis then poured lighter fluid onto a bed and set it on fire. Those inside the building were able to put out the fire before firefighters got there.

"I woke up and realized I was soaking wet," explains James Hush, one of the individuals sleeping in the commons area. "The guy had covered me in lighter fluid, I mean, what was he going to do next? Set me on fire?"

Several people also chased the suspect down the street; they say he was wearing a pair of lady pantyhose.

"He was trying to spray us with lighter fluid as we followed him," explains Joshua Rue, one of the men who ran after Landis. "He ended up throwing a match at us and actually caught the tree on fire."

This incident comes just two days after police say someone damaged the organization’s warehouse center off of East Seventh Street.

Officials are looking into both incidents to see if there is a connection.

No one was injured in either fire.

Landis was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with arson and wanton endangerment.

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