Lexington parents make alternate plans for trick-or-treat

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With severe weather possible on Thursday, many communities in the area decided to postpone trick-or-treating but Lexington is not among them.

City leaders say trick-or-treating will still be held Thursday night.

But many parents told us they're making alternate plans because of the weather.

“I’m a pretty diehard Halloween fan so I think we are going to try and do something no matter what. Whether we try to find an indoor option or whether we brave the weather but we aren't skipping Halloween,” said Josh Douglas, a parent in Lexington.

But possible severe weather is enough to spook many parents from letting their kids trick-or-treat outdoors.

“The main worry I have is that if there is any thunder, lightening or significant wind then I just don't think it’s safe,” said Falguni Zimmerman, who is planning on celebrating Halloween indoors this year.

With thousands of costumed kids counting on celebrating Halloween, some folks are tweaking the trick-or-treat tradition.

“I think one of the best ideas is to take our Halloween candy that we have bought to give out and use it in our house and have an Easter egg hunt in the house with the Halloween candy,” Zimmerman told us.

But if your little trick-or-treaters are anxious to show off their costumes outside of the house, the Fayette Mall's "Mall-o-ween" offers kids the chance to collect candy from 80 different stores.

“This is a great alternative because it’s a warm, safe environment for kids to come to. We have security available and we also have a lot of stores participating so it should be a really fun evening,” said Sarah Enlow who is the regional marketing specialist at the Fayette Mall.

Lexington trick-or-treat is from 6-8 pm but if you're interested in being inside for the festivities, Fayette Mall's “Mall-o-ween” will also be held at the same time from 6-8.

Some Lexington churches, including Centerpointe Christian Church on Greendale Road and Harvest Worship Center on Oxford Circle, are also offering indoor events for trick-or-treaters from 6-8 Thursday night.

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