Thousands of UK fans flood State Street, burning shirts, uprooting signs

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Three thousand hyped up fans rushed onto State Street after UK's Final Four win, burning shirts and couches, uprooting stop signs and crowd-surfing.

Lexington police say they arrested 21 people for alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Fire officials say they put out about 80 fires and treated 35 patients.

People, such as Austin Horstman, retraced their steps on State Street Sunday morning, searching through piles of litter for lost phones and wallets.

"I found a wallet,” he said. “Is it yours?” asked WKYT’s Mark Barber. “No, it’s not mine,” he sighed.

Many of the homes lining State Street took quite a beating during the rowdy celebration.

"That storm door is shattered completely, the yard is matted down to mud and the window on the side is broken. Every week we play and win it gets a step worse. This is by far as bad as it's been this tournament,” said Jeff Klausing.

Some fans say they're trying to do their part to help the Cats win the national championship game.

"I haven't taken these pants off since we beat Louisville on Friday and I don't intend to take them off until we win the championship Monday," said Horstman.

If that happens, Jeff Klausing says State Street will once again become ground zero for another high energy celebration.

"That's the price you pay for living on State Street, especially with Kentucky basketball and the way that it is. We're all still feeling last night and it wasn't even for the championship and that's what's scary, very scary," he said.

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