Lexington police crack down on distracted driving

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - If you're caught texting and driving, it will cost you. A first offense comes with a $25 fine, coupled with $143 in court costs.

"It's just customary. You get a text, you answer it. You get a phone call, you answer it. You answer it anywhere else, why not do it while you're driving? The problem that creates is the collateral damage," says Lt. J.J. Lombardi, Lexington Police.

Over a three month period, police say there were more than 500 distracted driving-related crashes around Lexington. Recently, the Lexington Police Department received a $20,000 grant to help curb distracted driving. That grant from the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety will pay officers to find people breaking the law.

Officials say there will be two officers in a vehicle. The officer in the passenger seat will be a "spotter," which means they'll be on the lookout for people who are texting and driving. Officers say no text is worth getting into an accident.

"It can wait. I realize that in this day and age, folks are busy multitasking and that seems to be the acceptable norm. But I don't think they realize what the consequences are if they are involved in a collision while they're texting," says Lt. Lombardi.

Police are testing out this new initiative through the end of the year. Officials are testing out this new initiative beginning tomorrow.

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