Lexington police investigate five shootings over holiday weekend

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington police have their hands full, investigating five separate shootings that happened over Memorial Day weekend.

All shootings were during late night and early morning hours. The first, happened early Sunday morning at the Speedway on Versailles Road. They say a gunshot grazed a man trying to break up a fight. Another man was injured in a shooting on Danielle Lane. Later that night, they say a woman got caught in crossfire inside a home on MLK Blvd. Monday night, a man told police he was on Oxford Circle when someone driving by, started shooting at him.

The most recent shooting happened at the Shell gas station on the corner of Alexandria Drive and Versailles Road, where security cameras caught a fight and gunfire.

"None of these is random," explains Lexington police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts, "in all these situations these were people who knew each other who were involved in high risk or criminal activity or were related to drugs."

Roberts says the violence can be linked to the holiday weekend.

"Any time you're talking about the holidays whether it be Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, people have more time together, they're drinking and a lot of times that leads to incidents where there are violence or shootings. Sadly, that's not unexpected."

Police tell us they're dealing with several injuries due to the shootings. No arrests have been made.

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