Lexington police investigate three shootings in three days

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - People living in Lexington's West End neighborhood say they're worried after a shooting that injured three people. That shooting happened Sunday night outside a home on Florence Avenue. In the last three days, six people have been shot in three separate shootings around the city.

"It's not a surprise that you have these shootings here because these are places that are in many respects forgotten and disempowered and this is what happens when you have these disempowered locations," explained Danny Mayer, who takes his daughter to a daycare nearby and often walks through the neighborhood on his way home, "the development of Lexington has really gone towards the north side of downtown, and with the development it's really pushed a lot of crime and poverty and things that we don't want to talk about as a city to other areas of the city."

In the neighborhood where the most recent shooting happened, Florence Avenue, some neighbors have put up signs to show that they are committed to building up the community.

Shonna Horton lives near the spot where Sunday's shooting occurred. She's ready to move.

"And I don't know how to get out of here without asking somebody to help me get out of here. As far away from here as possible," said Horton.

We're told two of the six gunshot victims are facing life-threatening injuries.

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