Lexington police say burglar left trail of money

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police in Lexington are investigating a pair of business break-ins.

Police were called to Cup of Commonwealth on Eastern Avenue around 2 am Monday.

When they arrived they found a shattered window and a days worth of cash stolen. Police later found a trail of money that led them down Short Street but so far no arrests have been made.

Chris Ortiz, the owner of the coffee shop, says it will probably cost him about $1,000 to repair the damaged window.

He says he opened up shop five months ago and didn't think they'd be victim to a break-in.

"We're shocked, we just want to get back to making people coffee," he said.

Just a few hours before that someone broke into Fro-Jo's drive-thru window in the Lexington Green Shopping Center.

"Violated like big time, I'm thinking why didn't you just tell me you were in need instead of coming and breaking in and doing a lot of damage to the place?" wondered owner Paula McGuire.

Police say an alarm alerted them to the break-in.

McGuire says the thief stole two cash registers with only change inside.

She says they will not be open Monday.

At this time, police haven't said if the two cases are related.

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